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Treatment Site Commercial Treatment Clinical Trial City State/Province Country
Catholic University of Korea Hayang South Korea
Catholic University of Korea, Incheon St. Mary's Hospital Incheon South Korea
CHA Bundang Medical Center Seongnam South Korea
Cheil General Hospital & Women's Healthcare Center Seoul South Korea
ChoiSang Women's Clinic Seoul South Korea
Dongtan Jeil Women's Hospital Hwasung South Korea
Hanyang University Medical Center Seoul South Korea
Heryoojae Women's Hospital South Korea
Hyosung Hospital Daegu South Korea
I Jeil OBGY Clinic South Korea
Ilsin Christian Hospital Busan South Korea
Incheon Christian Hospital Incheon South Korea
Joeun Hospital Seoul South Korea
Joeun Women's Clinic Seoul South Korea
Kimhae Jungang Hospital Gimhae South Korea
Kohwoon Women's Hospital Bucheon-si South Korea
Kwons Women Clinic South Korea
Life Center, Chaum Seoul South Korea
Medisum OBGY Clinic South Korea
MING St Peter's Hospital Uijeongbu South Korea
MINT Intervention Hospital Seoul South Korea
Mizumo Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic Yangsan South Korea
Samsung Medical Center Seoul South Korea
Seoul National University Hospital Seoul South Korea
St. Peter's Hospital Seoul South Korea
Yonsei University Health System Seoul South Korea
Yonsei University Health System, Gangnam Severance Hospitals Seoul South Korea
Yonsei University Health System, Severance Hospital Seoul South Korea

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