The Foundation funds internal and investigator-initiated research to provide evidence of feasibility, safety, efficacy and cost for use by a variety of stakeholders, including physicians, regulatory agencies, third-party payers, manufacturers and investors.

In addition to our External Research Awards Program, the Foundation fund projects in high-interest applications of focused ultrasound, including both invited and investigator-initiated work. Foundation staff also conduct their own research projects in these areas, which are supplemented by contracts with academia and industry. These research programs have been focused on brain applications, cancer immunotherapy, and veterinary medicine, with liver and pancreas next in priority.

Brain Program

The Foundation considers the brain to be the vanguard target for focused ultrasound. Our research is geared toward addressing technical challenges to speed its adoption and exploring novel uses of the technology in preclinical models. We have hosted six brain workshops to date to convene leaders in the field and define clear research objectives. We have also funded numerous clinical trials underway for the treatment of a variety of neurological disorders.
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Cancer Immunotherapy Program

With the recent advances in immunotherapy, the Foundation has taken a special interest in projects that harness focused ultrasound’s ability to induce an immune response, whether alone or as an adjuvant to an immunotherapeutic. We fund preclinical, early-stage research that will translate rapidly to the clinic, as well as clinical experiments designed to explore focused ultrasound’s potential in this area. The Foundation has hosted three workshops, bringing together experts from diverse fields, and has funded several large projects exploring the effects of focused ultrasound on the immune response to a tumor.
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Veterinary Program

Veterinary medicine provides a unique opportunity to benefit both humans and their companion animals. We fund comparative medicine trials that will aid in the adoption of focused ultrasound therapies for human use, while also providing a non-invasive treatment option for veterinary diseases. The Foundation is actively seeking new collaborations in this area.
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Liver and Pancreas Program

Cancers of the liver and pancreas are some of the most deadly, prevalent and difficult to treat. The Foundation works in collaboration with leaders in the field, convenes workshops and supports innovative research to advance focused ultrasound as a treatment option.
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