FUS Partners is a new program of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation to foster relationships among focused ultrasound community members seeking assistance with FUS-related activities, including financing, partnerships, technology transfer, and academic research opportunities.

handshakeThe program systematizes and formalizes activities in which the Foundation has already been engaging related to connecting the focused ultrasound start-up community and investors around the world. More broadly, FUS Partners aims to help accelerate the pace of focused ultrasound adoption worldwide, at a critical and exciting time when the field is at the beginning of the inflection point of the adoption curve and transitioning from research to commercial activity and mainstream use. The program will aid in addressing several unmet needs that continue to exist in the field: producing evidence/research; increasing awareness; ensuring collaboration among stakeholders within the FUS community; and raising capital. 


The primary goals of FUS Partners include:

  • producing a quantum change in the rate of FUS adoption as a mainstream standard of care
  • growing and rationalizing the device manufacturers segment of the FUS community by providing capital and expertise and facilitating the consolidation of the industry
  • supplementing the philanthropic funding stream of support for the Foundation


FUS Partners provides the following services: 

  • maintaining an understanding of manufacturers' current and future strategies, including potential financing and partnering needs
  • maintaining an awareness of investors interested in focused ultrasound (including venture capital firms, family offices, FUSF donors and other individuals, and operating companies) based on understanding their strategies and interests
  • connecting manufacturers and investors 
  • connecting manufacturers with other manufacturers
  • connecting academic research laboratories with manufacturers for R&D collaboration and technology transfer
  • assisting with due diligence

Foundation Contributions

The Foundation provides the following to the structure and capabilities of FUS Partners:

  • our brand and reputation as a trusted and independent unbiased third party
  • our knowledge base, information and data
  • our network and community based on strong stakeholder relationships
  • our organization including our team, board of directors, council and donors
  • our ability to connect, convene and influence stakeholders 


FUS Partners does not make investments or provide investment advice and does not serve as a broker or otherwise receive any compensation for services. Parties to successful transactions will, however, be solicited for donations to the Foundation as a way to grow the field and de-risk investment.


Managing Director: Emily White, MD
Responsible for day-to-day operation of the program

Oversight Committee, Foundation Board Members

  • Edward J. “Ned” Kelly, III, JD
  • William A. Hawkins III
  • Frederic H. Moll, MD
    Reviews lists of manufacturers and investors and monitors transactions

For more information about FUS Partners, please contact .


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